London’s Sky Garden: Darwin Brasserie

“See that building over there? We’re walking there!” “The Walkie Talkie building?” “Yep, we’re going to the Sky Garden; Darwin’s Brasserie.” And so we walked to the City of London, financial district area from London Euston station. It wasn’t that bad… only took an hour!

When we arrived at the district, I felt very out of place! It was very posh and corporate and I didn’t think I’d be let in because I was wearing my trusty white Converses! But it was fine.

As we entered into the building, we had to ‘check-in’ at reception. Our bags had to be scanned through an x-ray conveyor belt, and we had to walk through metal detectors. Once that was over with, we headed straight to the lifts onto 36th floor to Darwin Brasserie. When I got there, I expected something spectacular, don’t get me wrong, I did. However, I felt like I was at an airport ready to embark on a new journey.

We were greeted by an elegant lady and seated quickly. Throughout our breakfast experience we were attended to swiftly by our waitress which was great customer service.

We had a choice to choose from continental buffet with coffee and tea for £15 or an ultimate breakfast, which included 1 hot breakfast dish and unlimited continental for £22. I’m not a big fan of continental breakfast so I opted for the ‘smashed avocado on toast’ and kale smoothie and my friend had smoked salmon eggs benedict. The prices were reasonable, however little did i know, the outstanding view came with the price, as there was a 12.5% service charge added onto the bill.

Smashed Avacado on Toast
Smoked Salmon Eggs Benedict
View From Sky Garden
Me and “BAE”

After breakfast, we had a meander around the ‘gardens’ – it was so nice especially with the view! I’d definitely recommend going to the Sky Garden’s around 11pm before the rush comes in.

Overall, the service and views were brilliant. The food? I’m afraid I’ve had better, in saying this, the food was great, presentation was perfect, I just expected better quality.

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