The Mulberry Restaurant, Conwy

fish and chips

There are many restaurants in Conwy, but in particular The Mulberry stood out for us that day while surfing the good ol’ web. The restaurant provides a beautiful backdrop, overlooking the Conwy Marina. 

Part of the Robertsons Brewery, The Mulberry, underwent refurbishment shortly before Christmas 2015 for a revamp. After 5 months of reformation, it opened its doors in April 2016 and it seems like they have invested a lot of money in the place.

Upon arrival, i honestly thought i was in Benidorm! It was Bank Holiday Sunday and it was pretty busy, so it was understandable that there was no staff outside. We were walking around like headless chickens for 5 minutes as we really wanted to sit outside, and to our luck a family of four was leaving. We chose the perfect day; the sun was shining and the sea was calm. There was also a snazzy jazz band playing along with an open barbecue. Fleeces were also provided for when it became breezy later on in the day. 

The Mulberry Conwy View

After an hour waiting for our food, the Trio of Fish and Chips was served, along with our Cappucinos (yep, that’s how long we waited for a drink). It was nicely presented and i couldn’t wait to tuck in. The fish was overcooked and was very dry, and the chips were just about cooked. I’m assuming they were blanched until soft, or maybe that was how it was meant to be. I would’ve much preferred it if it was fried for a little longer, so it was crispy. Each to their own though. After we had finished, our other two friends still hadn’t had their food served and at this point we were very frustrated, however amused because the manager kept serving food out to the wrong tables. 

While speaking with the manager i simply asked him, what was going on. Not in a rude way mind, just why was there such a huge delay with the orders, why was everyone being served with the wrong food and where was the staff? Honestly put, he said the staff that was in was from an agency and they were being trained. But seriously, on a bank holiday Sunday? He was a lovely young chap who was very calm and collective, he apologised for the service and served us with a jug of pink lemonade on the house. 

fish and chips

Our smug faces because we found a table outside

Unfortunately, the decor didn’t match up with the atmosphere and we were very disappointed. It is such a shame, as it honestly is a beautiful little Pub in Conwy. The little touches like providing us fleeces to keep us warm outside was cute. 

I’d definitely come back again, as the place is beautiful. It was just a shame the service had to ruin our experience.

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Verdict Out Of 5

Atmosphere: ♥♥♥
Value: ♥♥
Food: ♥♥♥
Overall rating: ♥♥

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